How to open Incognito mode window in Google Chrome on Computer

If you don’t want Google Chrome to remember your web browsing activity, you can use Incognito mode to browse web privately on your computer.

  1. Open Google chrome browser on your computer.
  2. In the top right corner, click 'More menu' (three verticle dots), and click 'New Incognito Window'.
    click New Incognito Window
  3. This will open a new Chrome window with 'Incognito mode icon' in the top right corner.
    window with Incognito mode icon

You can also use below keyboard shortcuts to open Incongnito mode Window:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10: Press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat or other Linux distros): Press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Google Chrome OS/ Chromebook: Press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Apple Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + N