How to set default web browser in Windows 10

If you want to set/ change default web browser used for opening web pages in Windows 10, use below quick steps. As a pre-requisite, you need to install desired new browser before setting it as default.

  1. Click on 'Settings' in Start Menu to open Settings window
    Open Settings
  2. In Settings window, click on 'System' to open System Settings
    Open system Settings
  3. In Left panel scroll-down and select 'Default apps'
    Select 'Default apps'
  4. On right side in 'Choose default apps' section, scroll-down to 'web browser section'
    Scroll to web-browser section
  5. Click on current browser, and select new desired default browser in 'Choose an app' pop-up options.
    Selct new default browser
  6. You can close Settings Window now. Your new selected browser will be used as default next time you visit any website.