How to automatically login in Windows 10 without entering password

Windows 10 requires you to enter password to login each time on your computer, which is important feature to secure your computer from unauthorized access. Sometimes you don't want to enter password each time and configure automatic sign-in on your computer. Windows 10 allows you to configure automatic login on your computer using local user account as well as Microsoft account. Follow below steps to configure automatic login on your Windows 10 computer.

  1. Right click on Start menu and click on "Command Prompt(Admin)".
    opening command prompt(Admin)
    Enter "control userpasswords2" command in command prompt to open "User Accounts" window.
    entering command in command prompt

    Open "Run" dialog by pressing "Windows+R" keys simultaneously and enter "netplwiz" and click "OK".
    run command box
  2. Select your user account and uncheck the checkbox in front of "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" and click on "Apply" button.
    uncheck username password checkbox
  3. In "Automatically sign in" window enter your current password and re-enter it to confirm, and click "OK" button.
    automatically sign in window
  4. You will be automatically logged in next time you start your Windows 10 Computer.