How to view system information on Windows 10

In Windows 10 you can easily view basic system information like Windows edition, processor and memory configuration, computer name, domain or workgroup details, and Windows activation status. You can also view detailed system information like hardware and driver details using Windows 10 System Information app.

View basic system information

Right click on "Start Menu" and click on "System" in pop-up menu to open "System" window.
open System window from start menu
"System" window will show basic information about your computer like Windows edition, Processor type and speed, installed Memory(RAM) on your computer, system type, your computer name, domain or workgroup name and Windows activation status.
computer basic information in system window

View detailed system information

Type "System Information" in cortana search box, and select "System Information" from cortana search results.
open System Information App
This will open "System Information" app where you can view detailed system summary, hardware resources, hardware devices on your computer and driver details.
System Information App
You can also open "System information" by opening Windows Run dialog ("Windows key + R" shortcut or Right click on Start button and select "Run" from pop-up menu), type "msinfo32" in Run dialog, and click on OK button.
System Information App from Run app