How to change from Microsoft account to local login account in Windows 10

In Windows 10 you can use your Microsoft account ( or as your computer login account. If you want, you can also change to local login account on your computer using below quick steps.

  1. Open Windows "Settings" App from start menu or by typing "Settings" in cortana search box, and selecting "Settings" Windows App.
    setting menu
  2. Navigate to "Accounts" -> "Your account"
  3. Click on "Sign in with a local account instead" link.
    account login change
  4. In "Switch to a local account" window enter your current Microsoft account ( or password and click "Next".
    switch to local account
  5. Enter "User name", "Password", and "Password hint" which you want to use for your local login account and click "Next".
    new user name password
  6. Click on "Sign out and finish" button to complete the process.
    login account change confirmation
You can use your new local login account and password next time you sign in on your Windows 10 computer.